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Pacific Northwest native Jazzmine Fields was born and raised in the Madrona area of Seattle, Washington. The beautiful homes in the neighborhood fueled her admiration for real estate. From an early age, Jazzmine has always had an interest in sales. Her first job was in sales at Nordstrom. 2011 she attended a Real Estate Sales event and launched her vigorous career in the market.

Jazzmine then studied real estate law with the Rockwell Institute and became thoroughly educated on buying and selling homes. In 2015, Jazzmine transitioned into a full-time realtor.

When she is not working in real estate, Jazzmine enjoys spending time with her family and friends. For the past six years, she has volunteered with the Willie Austin foundation, Susan G. Komen, the DAWN foundation, and many other local charity events.

Jazzmine has since transitioned to SKYLINE PROPERTIES INC. and has helped many families find their dream homes. Her responsiveness and ability to negotiate keeps buyers/sellers at ease. Jazzmine welcomes ALL.

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